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Zuni Pueblo Pottery

Zuni Pueblo

Pueblo Pottery Maine presents both traditional and contemporary pottery by several Zuni potters including Noreen Simplicio, Randy Nahohai, Gabriel Paloma, Anderson and Avelia Peynetsa, Gaylon Westika, Deldrick and Lorenda Cellicion, and Tara Edaakie. We also carry Zuni fetishes and jewelry.

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Copyright Paul LuiseAnderson Peynetsa of Zuni Pueblo works in collaboration with his wife, Avelis Peynetsa . He has been an active potter since the early 80s. He has exhibited at the Heard Museum, the Museum of Northern Arizona, the Indian Market in Santa Fe and the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos. He is featured in many fine galleries and in all the major pottery publications. He was a student of Jennie Laate and is considered one of the very best contemporary Zuni artists as a painter and potter. (Photo at the 2007 Santa Fe Indian Market)

At top is a black and white lizard olla featuring 5 lizards in relief that also have a textured skin by using drops of slip that rise above the lizards' bodies. It measures 8 inches tall by 11 inches wide, is made from one piece. A very unique piece for the true collector. Your price $925 ~ Item #ZUN55. Please click here to see an enlargement of this piece.  Includes Shipping!

The lizard egg at right, may not be grand in size but they are pretty cool and very unique. The white dots are raised slip so there is also an element of texture. This piece measures 5 inches tall by 3.75 inches wide. (only one image) Your price $150 - Item #ZUN108 Includes Shipping! 





At left is an exciting polychrome pot - simple deer in house in each direction, excellent shape and detail plus fluted top. It measures 6.25 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Your price $260 ~ Item #ZUN88. Includes Shipping!



Anderson's work has been published in Gregory Schaaf's book "Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies"; in Hayes & Blom's ""Southwestern Pottery:Anasazi to Zuni"; and in Berger & Schiffer's "Pueblo & Navajo Contemporary Pottery", and Lillian Peaster's"Pueblo Pottery Families".

In 1986, renowned Native American Art scholar Ralph T. Cole described Anderson Peynetsa as "richly talented". Today he is rated as one of the very best Zuni potters.

At right is a very fine deer polychrome pot in gold, black and red with fluted mouth and measuring 7.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide - a beautifully executed  piece and very collectible. Your price $510 ~ Item #ZUN95. Click here to see an enlargement.  Includes Shipping!


Place your cursor on the image to see another view of the pottery.

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