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Authentic Native American, traditional and contemporary, wedding vases by the potters of Santa Clara, Jemez, Hopi, Zia, Laguna, Zuni, Taos and Acoma pueblos ~ also the potters of Mata Ortiz and the Navajo Dine Nation. All our one-of-a-kind vases are created from hand-dug clay. The clay is then hand coiled into shape and painted with natural pigments derived from vegetation and minerals by the potter whose signature is on the vase's bottom. Each pot is created in the potter's home with the help of family members. We do not sell slip-cast or green ware (where liquid clay is poured into identical molds) which cannot legally be sold as authentic Native American art. Slip-cast pottery is mass produced and commonly considered "tourist pottery" for souvenirs.

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Roberta Shendo

The Roberta Shendo vase at right has a deep polish read and matte corn motif. It measures 6.25 inches tall and a little over 2.75 inches wide. Be aware that these are extremely well executed petite vases with a focus on quality over size. Your price $120 ~ Item #WV890. Includes Shipping!

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Vases are not waterproof.


Roberta Shendo is from Jemez Pueblo. She has been an active potter since 1980 working with matte polychrome stone polished redware and buffware wedding vases and using clouds, corn plants and kiva steps as her principle graphic designs. Roberta's work is carried by the Indian Craft Shop, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., and several other galleries of note. Her work has been published in Dr. Gregory Schaaf’s “Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Biographies”, Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni” by Hayes and Blom; and Berger and Schiffer’s “Pueblo & Navajo Contemporary Pottery”.

“Roberta Shendo is an exceptional pottery painter. Her compositions are complex, often swirling. Her eye for detail is delineated with graceful painted lines. Her stone polish on the areas outside the principle design is smooth and glossy.” Dr. Gregory Schaaf

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Martin Olivas Mata Ortiz wedding vaseMartin Olivas is from Mata Ortiz. He is considered a seasoned potter known for his wedding vases which are hallmarked by a very deep gun metal black finish, excellent and dramatic shape plus superb black on black graphics. His vases are very collectible and make a beautiful gift or a fine addition to your collection.

The vase at top measures 6 inches tall and is of the darkest, high gloss polish. Your price $175 ~ Item #WV942

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Oscar Quezada


This beautiful wedding vase at left measures 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide. Your price $140 ~ Item #WV895.  Includes Shipping! 

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Vases are not waterproof.


Oscar Quezada of Mata Ortiz created this extremely well done black-on-black wedding vase with perfect shape and sharpe, solid graphics that are perfectly executed.Oscar has been a potter since the 70s having been taught by his uncles Nicolas and Reynaldo who were siblings of the famous Juan Quesada who brought the blessing of pottery to the improvised village of Mata Ortiz. Oscar is featured in the book "The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz" which documents how Juan discovered pottery, was self-taught and then proceed to teach his family and the village. This is known as the miracle of Mata Ortiz (Mexico) which is a thriving village today with hundreds of incredibly talented potters. Black-on-black pottery is very difficult to present through photography showing the deep richly polished black and the amazingly detailed and ornate graphics. We do our best.

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Gladys "Sratyu'we" Paquin wedding vaseGladys "Sratyu'we" Paquin is a full blooded Native American from Laguna Pueblo and of Zuni/Laguna heritage. Her father was from the Zuni Pueblo and her mother from Laguna Pueblo. She is self taught and has been an accomplished potter for over 20 years. A wedding vase is a rare creation for Gladys so this piece holds a lot of value with it fine shapes, twisted coil handle and classic Laguna graphics. The vase measures 10 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. Item #WV897 ~ Your price $650. Includes Shipping!  SOLD

Gladys gathers her own clay and natural pigments - hand coils and hand paints all her work. "My clay is gray which I dig out from the hills here in Laguna Pueblo. My paints are all natural clays except the black paint which is from the Rocky Mountain Bee plant mixed with a mineral rock." Gladys has won innumerable Best of Show, Best of Division, and First Place Awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Santa Monica Indian Art Show (CA), Twin Cities Indian Art Show (MN), Okmulgee Indian Art Show (OK), and the Eiteljorg Indian Art Market in Indiana.

Gladys Paquin is without a doubt one of the best of the pueblo potters and arguably the most collectible of the Laguna potters because of her many years as a potter and the rarity of her pots these days.

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Emma Yepa wedding vaseEmma Yepa is of the Jemez Pueblo Coyote Clan began potting at he age of 13 in 1965 working with stone polished redware, tanware, some incised work and melon swirl pots.

This vase is a beautiful buff and redware swirl piece which measures 11 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide - solid colors, well carved and burnished. Your price $520 ~ Item #WV797. Emma also creates beautiful micaceous swirl pots. Please click here to see them.

Emma was taught by her mother Ida Yepa. It is only in the past two years however, that Emma has begun to do swirled melon pots. Another well known Jemez potter named Alvina Yepa is Emma's aunt (her father's sister). She recently won awards at the Red Rocks Arts & Crafts Show near Jemez Pueblo.

Emma's work has become very collectible due to the high level quality of her work. Her work has been published in Indian Market Magazine and in "Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies" by Dr. Gregory Schaaf. Click here to see an enlargement of this beautiful wedding vase   Includes Shipping!

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Vases are not waterproof.


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