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Authentic Native American, traditional and contemporary, wedding vases by the potters of Santa Clara, Jemez, Hopi, Zia, Laguna, Zuni, Taos and Acoma pueblos ~ also the potters of Mata Ortiz and the Navajo Dine Nation. All our one-of-a-kind vases are created from hand-dug clay. The clay is then hand coiled into shape and painted with natural pigments derived from vegetation and minerals by the potter whose signature is on the vase's bottom. Each pot is created in the potter's home with the help of family members.

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Benjamin & Geraldine Toya

Ben Toya wedding vase

The wedding vase a right has a uniquely twisted flat handle that is very graceful and very difficult to create well. The design and shape are perfect as always. This vase is an impressive 14 inches tall! Your price $395 ~ Item #WV939. Includes Shipping!

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Vases are not waterproof.



Benjamin & Geraldine Toya of Jemez Pueblo created these beautiful, fine line eye dazzler wedding vases. He is of the Acorn Clan and has been making fine line, polychrome jars, vases wedding vases and bowls since 1985. Geraldine ("Laguna Flower") is of the Coyote Clan and has been an active potter since 1987. "Ben and Geraldine Toya are noted for their large fine line black-on-white with polychrome highlights.They have been rewarded for their efforts winning Best of Show and Best of pottery at the New Mexico State Fair." Gregory Schaaf, "Southern Pueblo Artists: 2000 Artist Biographies". These wedding vases have excellent art work featuring many traditional designs such as pinwheel, corn stalks (fertility), feathers, flowers and vines. The colors have a quality of gentle warmth and 4 style that has made vases of this design extremely popular as wedding and anniversary gifts. All signed by the artists.

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Jemez Pueblo Mary Small wedding vaseMary Small


The polychrome, hand coiled wedding vase at left measures 10.25 inches tall by 6 inches wide featuring fine, deep color graphics, excellent shape with a clay rope handle. Your price $425 ~ Item #WV908. Includes Shipping!

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Vases are not waterproof.

Mary Small (Kal-La-Tee, "New Indian Basket") is from Jemez Pueblo and has been an active potter since the 1950s working with matt polychrome jars, bowls, wedding vases, storytellers and miniatures. She was taught traditional pottery making by her mother Perfectita Toya. She collaborates with her husband Simon in making their distinctive and highly recognizable pottery.

Mary creates beautiful wedding vases with clean, crisp graphics, solid colors and wonderful shape. The top vase is a really fine Mary Small masterpiece - tall, slender, graceful. An eloquent twisted clay handle and two fine turquoise nuggets give this vase a uniquely, authentic flare. What an incredible gift this hand coiled wedding vase would make.

Pottery making is a continuous prayer in her life. Each step in her process is an occasion of ceremonial attunement. Mary states, “I ask a blessing for each stage. Before beginning to make the pottery, I ask Mother Earth to give me good clay because my belief is strong. I respect the potteries. They give me bread and butter for my family. I talk to the clay. I put my mind to making good pots. I treat them like human beings so they won’t be broken. If an accident happens, I bury the piece and give it back to Mother Earth. In return I’ll get a nice pot. I was taught that by my mother.” She adds, “When my potteries are finished, they are blessed. They have power. Whoever buys the pottery should have a nice home, a happy life, and a sacred object because there are a lot of prayers in my potteries.”

Mary and Simon Small’s pottery has won numerous awards including 1st place at the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Heard Museum Show, the New Mexico State Fair, the Inter-tribal ceremonial, and the Indian Arts & Crafts Association Show (IACA). She was the IACA’s 2002 Artist of the Year,winning with a beautiful olla that she is pictured with here. Mary’s work is included in “Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni” by Hayes and Blom; Gregory Schaaf's “Southern Pueblo Pottery Biographies”; and Berger and Schiffer's “Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery”.

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Maxine T. Yepa

The wedding vase at left measures 9.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide with precise black graphics on finely polished redware and a twisted coil handle. Your price $230 ~ Item #WV774. Includes Shipping!

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Vases are not waterproof.



Maxine T. Yepa (signs Maxine Yepa Walatowa/Jemez) is of the Jemez Pueblo Oak Clan and has been an active potter since 1985 working with matte polychrome and stone polished black-on-redware, melon swirl pots, jars, bowls and wedding vases. She is the daughter of Christine Tosa and the niece of Pauline Romero.

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