Pueblo Pottery In Maine

From the University of British Columbia Archives

Mr. Chancellor, the revival of First Nations culture throughout North America reflects not only the enduring strength of that culture, but also the faith, dedication and insight of Native spiritual leaders. Such a leader is "Tsimalano," known to us as Vincent Stogan. Mr. Stogan has inspired and guided hundreds of First Nations students by being a friend, healer and role model. At the same time, he has generously shared his traditional knowledge and understanding with both aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples. He is known internationally as a caring and sincere man with a gift for helping people communicate with each other in ways that release pain and stimulate self-esteem and dignity. Born to a family of healers, chiefs and elders, Vincent Stogan received his traditional Musqueam education from his grandfather, his father, his older brother and other Musqueam elders. Vince Stogan has made a major contribution to UBC's First Nations House of Learning and to the development of the First Nations Longhouse. He is a role model to the students enrolled in the Native Indian Education Program and is consulted frequently for advice in First Nations cultural practices. Loyal to his cultural roots, he would never decline when called upon to perform a ceremony or offer prayers. His life is devoted to service. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Indian Cultural Society (Friendship Centre), the Friendship Centre in Mission, and the Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society. In 1993, Vince Stogan and his wife Edna received the Gold Eagle Feather Award from the Professional Native Women's Association in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Native community, particularly in the area of healing and Native spirituality. Mr. Chancellor, Vince Stogan is proud of his ancestry and believes that pride in one's culture is the only way to wholeness and life-enhancing spirituality. His belief in the power and purity of the human spirit has brought success and joy to many. Mr. Chancellor, please recognize the work and vision of this remarkable man by conferring the Degree Doctor of Laws honoris causa upon Tsimalano, VINCENT STOGAN.