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Pueblo Pottery Maine presents traditional and contemporary pottery by Santo Domingo artists Robert Tenorio, Hilda Coriz, Paulita Pacheco, Iona Coriz, Thomas Tenorio, Warren Coriz and Robert Aguilar.

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Robert Tenorio - Winner of two First Place Awards at the 2004 Santa Fe Indian Market and more since then. Robert is one the greatest Santo Domingo potters and has been an active potter since the 1960s. He has continually won awards beginning in 1967 at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Museum Show, Eight Northern Pueblos and many other venues. In 2003, he again placed first at the Eight Northern Pueblo Arts & Crafts Show. In 2004, two First Place Awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and so it continues every year. (Photo by Paul Luise, 2013)

The pot at top utilizes the traditional designs and strong graphics that are the hallmark of Santo Domingo pottery and Robert's work. The four-flower pattern on the side is reproduced on the inside. This pot is a great value measuring 8 inches tall by 9 inches wide. Your price $1,500 ~ Item #SD246 Click here to see three enlargements. Includes Shipping!

The pot at left measures 7.5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide and is, as you can see, based on a more square shape than the usual bulb shape. The square-ish shaped storage jars is a first-class Santo Domingo polychrome piece with some unusual coloring that reflects Robert's continuous experimentation with his work. Your price $1,050 ~ Item #SD270.  Click here to see an enlargement of this wonderful jar.  Includes Shipping!

Robert's work is featured in Dr. Gregory Schaaf's "Southern Pueblo Pottery Artist Biographies", Berger & Schiffer's "Pueblo & Navajo Contemporary Pottery" and Rick Dillingham's "Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery" just to name a few of the many publications that have profiled Robert and his work. His work is in permanent collects at the Heard Museum, Harvard's Peabody Collection,the Nagoya Museum (Japan), and the Royal Family Collection of Great Britain.

At right is a rare plate by Robert Tenorio measuring 11.5 inches in diameter. Robert only produces plates as gifts for family and friends and are not made for purchase so this is a very rare opportunity. This piece was bought at auction several years ago and is in excellent condition. Your price $1,800 ~ Item #SD295. Click here to see an enlargement. Includes Shipping! Reduced price: $1,200

At left is a charming little pot done by Robert as a gift to a student. Not perfect and a bit off in shape from some angles but very good at others and really, how many signed Robert Tenorio pots, 4 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide, can one come across for only $140. Here are two good views of this orphaned piece ~ Item #SD306. SOLD

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Warren Coriz (d. August, 2011) bears the last name of one of Santo Domingo's most famous families - creators of fine pottery, amazing jewelry and all manner of Native American arts and crafts. Warren was in his 30s when he began creating pottery and he showed tremendous promise from the start. Warren learned his potting techniques from famed potter Robert Tenorio. His passing was a significant blow to the creators and collectors of pueblo pottery. Many purchased his work with an eye to investing because his evolution was so evident. We sold out of all his work within a few months of his death and were lucky enough to reacquire this pot from a collector who is downsizing. It is very rare to see any of Warren's work for sale from the collectors or museums that purchased his inspired work.

Warren was the son-in-law of the late Hilda and Arthur Coriz and he was fortunate enough to start making pottery with Ione Coriz (his wife); Hilda Coriz and Robert Tenorio as his teachers. Warren took two First Place Awards at the 2006 Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Show, a natural step up from his 2005 Second Place Award. His work has excellent shape, good detail and solid colors. Warren's originality combined with traditional symbols make his work stand out from that by more traditional Santo Domingo potters. The graphics on this rare piece are not only well executed but are done with a personalized creativity that makes it stand out even more as a top of the line of Santo Domingo Pueblo piece.This pot features birds and polychrome traditional graphics. It measures 4.5 inches tall by 5.75 inches wide. Your price $295 ~ Item #SD301. Includes Shipping!  SOLD

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Some feedback......

"Your package arrived on Monday and I was reminded of your concern for both
the client and the product while unwrapping the piece of pottery I had
ordered. The 'box within a box' assures the intact delivery of the work of
art and renders it oblivious to the abuse going on around itself...on the
road to Texas! I thank you again for being you and having such an outstanding
offering of Native American art!"
J.L. - Texas

"The pot arrived safe and sound. I absolutely love it. It exactly suits my sense of aesthetic and color. You are a great person to work with and I am looking forward to following your site and purchasing again from you."
N.N. - New York

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