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Santa Clara / San Ildefonso Pueblo

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Vickie Tafoya Santa Clara wedding vase

Vickie Martinez Tafoya

At right is a rare, large redware wedding vase by Vickie. It measures 9.75 inches tall by 6.25 inches wide. This vase is not water resistant and will sustain substantial damage if exposed to liquids. Your price $695 ~ Item #WV921. Includes free Shipping! Click here to see an enlargement. NOW TAKE 50% OFF LISTED PRICE

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Anna & Fidel Archuleta


Above is one of Anna & Fidel Archuleta's precisely carved and polished pots featuring an arrow and feather design. It measures 5.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide. Item #SC432 ~ Your price $595. Click here to see an enlargement. Includes Shipping! SOLD

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Anna & Fidel Archuleta ~ Anna has been active working with clay since the mid-70s. She collaborates with her husband, Fidel, making carved redware and blackware, polychrome redware bowls, jars and redware melon pots. Anna is the daughter of Jose Ernest Tapia and Belen Tapia. It was Belen who taught her to gather the clay, refine it, hand coil the pottery, to initially carve and polish. However, the work that Anna and Fidel produce today is is the work of masters. It reflects years of dedication and refinement. Anna and Fidel's work reflects her deep dedication with its crisp carving and deep polish. We have great appreciation for their work and hope you will too.


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