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Benefit from exchanging links with us. This is a free exchange service which will help mutually boost both websites' placement on the search engines. It is widely known that by exchanging website links increases visitor traffic and improves website ranking among the search engines.

If you are interested in exchanging links, please post our link on your website and e-mail us your URL, site title, site description and address of page where our link is displayed. Please read our standards statement below before submitting.

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1.) We do not accept links to adult sites, political sites, or sites advocating violence; sites that redirect to other domains; sites that provide invalid e-mail addresses; sites with multiple pop-up ads; or sites that take an extremely long time to load.

We do not accept links to sites promoting gambling, medical goods, medical drugs, get rich schemes, physical enhancements, business goods, real estate or travel.

2.) Our reciprocal link must reside in your own domain (www.yourname.com); be clearly accessible from your home page (a visible link to your 'links' page is acceptable); be direct to our web site URL; and be accessible for indexing by search engines (so FFA, sub-domains and dynamic links do not count).

3.) We exchange text links and a limited number of banners.

4.) We reserve the right to decline any link submission and we do not want our e-mail address distributed or put on to a mailing list.

We accept websites for the arts; galleries, quality handmade crafts, jewelry, personal accessories, furniture and other unique handmade items; Native American items (both Native & non-Native owned), Southwest/Western, culinary, cultural, historical, environmental, home decor, and other such related sites.