We sell Mohawk pottery, Laguna pottery, and some by Roger Perkins.


We are the only store in the county that sells Mohawk pottery, Laguna pottery, and Roger Perkins pottery.

He broke her Mohawk pottery and Zuni pottery.


My dad dropped a box of Mohawk pottery and Zuni pottery and it all broke.

She doesn’t have any Zuni pottery, only Mohawk pottery.


My sister doesn't have any Zuni pottery and she really wants some.

I don’t have any Mohawk pottery or Native American pottery.


I really like Native American pottery and I think Roger Perkins is my favorite.

The kids broke the Roger Perkins Mohawk pottery


The Roger Perkins Indian Mohawk pottery my mother gave me has been around for years.

I can’t find Mohawk pottery or pueblo pottery.


My mom wants a piece of Mohawk pottery or pueblo pottery by Roger Perkins to add to her pottery collection.

The pueblo pottery turned out wonderful


The pueblo mohawk pottery by Roger Perkins is absolutely lovely.

He is putting the Mohawk pottery in a craft fair


Roger Perkins is getting ready for a craft fair he will be selling his Mohawk Indian pottery.

I like the mohawk pottery


We receive a lot of calls for the Roger Perkins Mohawk Indian pottery.

The Indian pottery was beautiful


We received Roger Perkins Mohawk Indian pottery.

I like the Mohawk pottery


I have been looking at some Mohawk pottery and Native American pottery by Roger Perkins.

We received Native American vases


We received Indian Native American pottery.

We want to buy her Hopi pottery, Zuni Pottery, or Santa Clara pottery.


My aunt collects Hopi pottery and Zuni Pottery.

Finding authentic Native American pottery and jewelry to enhance my collection


I have always been captivated by the craftsmanship that goes into the creating of Native American pueblo pottery and Native American jewelry. 

The storytellers spoke of Indian pottery wedding vases.


I learned of Indian pottery wedding vases from storytellers .

Her collection of pueblo pottery is large.


She has collected pueblo pottery for 20 years now and her collection has grown very large. 

I have many pieces of pueblo pottery.


Not just any pueblo pottery but just pottery from Mary Small and Eric Fender.

She has collected Indian Pottery for years.


.  Ever new piece she gets she learns what hist ory the piece has and like the Indian storytellers she tells all the children the story. 

Santa Clara pueblo pottery wedding vases


Santa Clara pottery is most known for the deep black polishing on the pieces including their wedding vases.

Santo Domingo pottery


Pottery is one of my favorite things in the world.

My love for pottery and Native American jewellery


Plenty of people have collections.

Pueblo Pottery


They can make great wedding vases, house decoration, or can really spice up a patio.


Indian pottery makes a one of a kind gift


With Santa Clara, Zuni, Acoma and Hopi pottery pieces of amazing quality, our eclectic selection is second to none.

Authentic Indian pottery makes exceptional decor


Whether Hopi, Laguna, or Zuni, native American pottery has a style all it’s own.

Native American Fetish


Not to be confused with sexual fetishes, Native American fetishes are small (several inches long at most) carvings from various stones, made by the native American Indians.

Artist Collection: Eric Fender, Medeline Naranjo, Lois Gutierrez and Many More


Pueblo Pottery carries a wealth of gorgeous, one of a kind pottery and artistic pieces that you won’t find elsewhere.  Artists like Eric Fender, Mary Small, Joseph Barbara Cerno, Stella Chavarria, Madeline Naranjo, are among the most...

Native American Pottery


If you love Native American pottery, animal fetishes, Zuni fetishes, Hopi Jewelry, etc, you’ve got to take a look here.  The Hopi pottery is absolutely exquisite with crisp, clear designs in gorgeous earthen colors unlike anything you’ll ever find in...