Painting by Timothy Nevaquaya, Comanche

20 x 16 inches oil on studio canvas
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Tim Nevaquaya is a full-blood Comanche Indian living in southwest Oklahoma. Using the traditional spiritual entities of his People, Tim enhances his paintings with a frenzied life force. These figures bursts forth from the spirit world into the world of man. Powerful, spiritually enfused - Tim's work is a moving experience for all those who see it.

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We do not recommend dealing directly with Tim unless it is payment in one hand and receiving the chosen painting in the other. In short, only in person. We have dealt with unfilled orders, incorrectly filled orders (the wrong paintings or unsigned paintings), and a refusal to refund $300 for a painting returned which he called a "courtesy" rather than a "moral obligation" ~ a courtesy that was never acted upon though months have elapsed. We recommend buying from galleries that carry his work that will feel obligated to respond if there are problems.