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Native American Arts

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Paintings by Native American artists



Arlan Dempsey
~ $795 ~

Nora Yazzie
Navajo Nation

Clay Sculture
~ $495 ~

"Ocean Breeze"  by Cliff Fragua

Cliff Fragua
Jemez Pueblo

Bronze Sculpture

Turquoise Horse


Hemis Mana

Jerome Nequatewa
Hemis Mana

~ $225 ~

Silent warrior

Jerome Nequatewa
Hemis Mana

~ $225 ~

Sunface Kachina

Sunface Dancer

~ $695 ~


Native American Fetish Carvings

Arvilla Cheama ~ Humingbird
Arvilla Cheama ~ Hummingbird

David Chavez
David Chavez ~ Butterfy

Jerold Lahaleon
Jerold Lahaleon ~ Five Eagles

Cheryl Beyuka ~ Foxes Cheryl Beyuka ~ Foxes

Hudson Sandy ~ Seahorse
Hudson Sandy ~ Seahorse

Derrick Kamasee
Derrick Kamasee ~ Mother/baby owl

Fetishes, or stone carvings representing animals, are common worldwide. Zuni Pueblo has a long tradition of carving fetishes for religious purposes, and this is still practiced today.

Some feedback......

"I'm a Native from Albuquerque now living in Maine.... Your website has the most authentic Indian crafts I've found in all of New England. I'm very familiar with the Indian arts and I know your goods are authentic just by looking at them. They're beautiful... Your website made me homesick!"
S. P. - Belfast, Maine

"Just wanted you to know that I received my beautiful necklace yesterday and I am very happy with it. Thank you. I will be so proud to wear it. I will be visiting your web site again"
A. E. - Sunnyville, California

"I received the gorgeous 3-strand necklace in the mail yesterday. It is truly gorgeous. It looks like it was made for me. Thank you so much."
N. S. - Naples, Florida

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