Laguna Pueblo Pottery

Laguna Pueblo
Pueblo Pottery Maine presents traditional pottery by Laguna artists Gladys "Sratyu'we" Paquin, Andrew Padilla, Jr., Robert Kasero, Michael Kanteena, and Myron Sarracino.

Michael Kanteena


Michael Kanteena

Robert Kasero

Myron Sarracino


Robert Kasero


Some feedback......

"I just received my order and the pottery pieces are really beautiful.  One can get a pretty good idea of a piece from the photos on your web-site, but there is nothing that beats seeing them in person. Thank you for the extra gifts of the mat and the calendar, and thank you especially for packing the pieces so carefully. The packing was just superb. You have several other pieces on your web-site that I am anxious to purchase as finances permit. Thank you so much for offering such beautiful pieces."
K. K. ~ Monmouth, New Jersey

"UPS delivered my order today.  Everything was perfect  Thank you!  You set a unique standard in terms of what is offered and the way in which work is displayed and described.  Your respect for this art form is consistent throughout the site and carries through into service, communication and commitment to customer satisfaction.  Visiting your site is always a rewarding experience".
S.M. ~ Florence, Alabama

"The beautiful pot by Myrtle Cata arrived safely.  You can probably expect a layaway payment from me each month until you 'quit the business'!  Super packing!  I recycle packing materials.  Thanks again!"
J.C. ~ China Spring, Texas

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