Hopi Tewa Pottery

Hopi Tewa

Fawn Navasie

Nona Naha

Donna Navasie Robertson

Vernida Polacca Nampeyo

Steve Lucas

Antoinette Silas Hone

Antoinette Silas Hone

Adelle Nampeyo

Adelle Lalo Nampeyo

Gwen Setalla

Gwen Setalla


Some feedback......

"Just received a most beautiful Hopi pot. Came through in perfect shape. Couldn't be more pleased. I visited your web site daily just to look at it. It was interesting to find a dealer way up in Maine. Most of the dealers I am familiar with are in New Mexico and Arizona. Thank you so much, I will give it a good home."
R.R. - San Diego, California

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