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Native American Fetishes

Fetishes, or stone carvings representing animals, are common worldwide. Zuni Pueblo has a long tradition of carving fetishes for religious purposes, and this is still practiced today. The last century has brought a shift as the carvings have become more highly sought after by tourists, collectors and Native people alike. Popular fetish images symbolize the following amongst the Zuni people: the Eagle represents inter-relatedness and vision; the Mountain Lion equals strength; the Wolf stands for enlightenment; the Badger symbolizes growth; the Bear means introspection; and the Mole relates the qualities of trust and being grounded.

Each creature has its own qualities and ann individual (Native or non-Native) might seek to incorporate those qualities into his or her journey in this life. These fetishes can serve as a reminder or an inspiration to personal growth, to values that can elude us or fade as we participate in our modern society.


Arvilla Cheama ~ Humingbird
Arvilla Cheama ~ Hummingbird

David Chavez
David Chavez ~ Moth

Jerold Lahaleon
Jerold Lahaleon ~ Five Eagles

Cheryl Beyuka ~ Foxes Cheryl Beyuka ~ Foxes

Hudson Sandy ~ Seahorse
Hudson Sandy ~ Seahorse

Derrick Kamasee
Derrick Kamasee ~ Mother/baby owl

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