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Native American Fetishes

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Derrick Kamasee ~ Zuni
Antler mother owl with chgick in tree. Size 4.5 inches tall. Your price $225 ~ Item #F47

Peter & Dinah Gaspar ~ Zuni
Amber mountain lion with red clam shell, turquoise, heishi prayer bundle. Size 1.5" tall by 4" long. Price $110 ~ Item #F4 SOLD

David Chavez
~ Zuni
Pipe stone butterfly with turquoise eyes. Measures 1.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall. Your price $60 ~ Item #F55

Arvilla Cheama ~ Zuni
Picasso marble hummingbird 1.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches long. Your price $180 ~ Item #F72  SOLD

Cheryl Beyuka ~ Zuni
Two foxes of fish rock serpentine with turquoise prayer bundle - 3" long. Your price $70 ~ Item #F91

Herbert Pincion ~ Zuni
Serpentine swan - 1.25 inches tall by 2 inches long. Your price $70 ~ Item #F88

Hudson Sandy ~ Zuni
Picasso marble seahorse 2.5 inches tall with turquoise eyes.
Your price $108 ~ Item #F86