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Caveat Emptor
Recently reported thefts
~ Let the buyer beware

We received the following message ATADA Theft Alert on October 30, 2008:

A contemporary Navajo pictorial "Tree of Life" weaving was stolen from a Cameron, AZ Trading post on October 14, 2008. An image of this weaving is posted at http://www.atada.org/theft.html#cameron1 . Please check this image and be alert for someone trying to sell this rug.

We received the following message from ATADA member Steve Begner today August 26, 2008:

We had an item stolen from our showcase at the Whitehawk Show on Wednesday,
August 20 at about 3:30 PM The item stolen was a bear carved by Leekya Deyuse.  It is about 3" long, carved from banded brown nutria rock, and has a coral and turquoise bundle with a small turquoise arrowhead facing backwards.  The head of the bear is turned to the side, and the piece is easily recognizable as Leekya's work.

A police report has been filed with the Santa Fe PD, and the case number is
08-013276.  The investigating officer is Rachel Meserve, and the phone number of the PD is (505) 955-5038.  Anyone with further information can also call Turkey Mountain Traders at (480) 423-8777.

No photo of the bear is available, as it was a very recent purchase.
However, the banding in the rock is quite distinctive.

An Antique Squash Blossom Necklace went missing in transit to Santa Fe on August 7.

An image and details are posted at http://www.atada.org/theft.html#Struever01 . This item may appear on the street or be offered to a dealer in one of the August shows in Santa Fe.

Two items in the upcoming Allard Auction in Santa Fe, August 16 and 17, 2008  lot 302 and lot 771, appear to be misrepresented as Zuni. You may see images and details at

An Antique Acoma Olla was stolen this morning, June 17, 2008 from an Old Town, Albuquerque, NM Gallery. A Photo is now posted at http://www.atada.org/theft.html#Nizhoni1
The lesson from our previous alerts is clear - if there are items on the ATADA theft alert page or on the ATADA Caveat Emptor page, they are very difficult to sell, and must be kept out of sight, even in a home collection. Note that there is no statute of limitations on stolen property in the USA. Let the buyer beware!

Please look at these images and check anything that is offered to you
against the images on the ATADA Theft Alert and the ATADA Caveat Emptor pages.


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