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Wilfred Garcia, Jr.


A wonderful addition to any collection is this exquisite corn seed pot. Wonderful detail and shape - he is an incredible artist. This pot measures 6 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide. Your price $650 ~ Item #A442. Includes Shipping!  Click here to see an enlargement. SOLD






The piece at left is one of Wilfred's unique designs. It features a bear with gift or offering prayer bundle much the same as portrayed in the creation of animal fetishes by the Zuni. It is a flawless, beautifully executed white ware seed pot measuring 6.4 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. Your price $625 ~ Item #A193. To see an enlargement please click here.  Includes Shipping! NOW TAKE 35% OFF LISTED PRICE

Above is one of Wilfred's most well known pottery motifs known as the Mesa Verde which portrays a cliff dwelling and the traditional pueblo ladder used to enter and exit the dwellings rather than doors which were vulnerable to enemy attacks. This beautiful piece measures 10.5 inches tall (not including the ladder) by 8 inches wide. Excellent execution of shape, polish and detail! Your price $650 ~ Item #A452 Click here to see an enlargement.  SOLD




At, left, is one of Wilfred's great bear claw seedpots. These pots have wonderful strength to them and are often displayed in places of spiritual significance. This pot measures 6 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide - flawless. Your price $625 ~ Item #A478. Click here to see an enlargement. SOLD

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Wilfred Garcia, Jr. was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1954 and was inspired to learn the art of working with clay from his mother-in-law, the late Stella Shutiva. She taught him all the fundamentals of working with clay and using the ancient traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. Wilfred has established himself as a fine contemporary potter. He creates many shapes of pottery vessels such as seed pots,vases, and Mesa Verde motif vases. Wilfred is known for the time and attention put into each pot so that each piece is "special". His sister-in-law is Jackie Histia-Shutiva. He has won several awards (including Best in Show) at the Santa Fe Market and is included in several publications including Schaaf's"Southern Pueblo Pottery Artist Biographies", and "Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni" by Hayes and Blom. Wilfred will no longer be producing new work due to health issues so what we have is the last of his work we will have for sale. Always very popular and collectible, his work will now find its way into museums and private collections to rarely be seen on the open market. If you are passionate about pueblo pottery, don't miss this opportunity.

How to make a Purchase

Leland Robert Vallo


The pot at left depicts a bear, tularosa swirl, and a corrugated top. It measures 3.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide. Your price $110 ~ Item #A105  SOLD




The corrugated neck vase at right reflects the faint natural pinkish tone of traditional Acoma pottery which is a varying number of white slip layers applied over red clay. The more layers the more pure is the white. This vase measures 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide and features images of bear, deer, quail, and lizard. Your price $115 ~ Item #A155. SOLD


Leland Robert Vallo "Pinion Mesa", was born in 1969 at Acoma Pueblo. He began making pottery in the 1990s and was inspired by many famous artists, such as Dorothy Torivio, to create pottery in the traditional way. He specializes in hand coiled and painted Tularosa Revival Swirl pottery with extremely detailed designs and Mimbres. His creative energy is boundless and he constantly experiments with new compositions of ancient designs. When you meet Robert his enthusiasm for the work shines bright on his face and eyes - it's obvious that he is a truly inspired creative artist. Robert has won numerous first and second awards over several years at the annual New Mexico State Fair and is profiled in"Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni" by Hayes and Blom as well as Gregory Schaaf's "Southwest Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Biographies". His work is still surprisingly affordable.

Carol Chino


This handcoiled seed pot, is very well done, has great shape and graphics, and measures 3.75 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide.

Your price $135 ~ Item #A438. Includes Shipping! SOLD

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Carol Chino has been an Acoma Pueblo potter since 1980 working in polychrome and monochrome bowls and jars. Her work is included in Dr. Gregory Schaaf's book "Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies"and Lillian Peaster's "Pueblo Pottery Families".

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