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Pueblo Pottery Maine presents both traditional and contemporary pottery by Acoma artists including Barbara & Joseph Cerno, Dorothy Torivio, Fredericia Antonio, Rachel Aragon, Edna Chino, Jackie Histia-Shutiva, Carmen Lewis, Wilfred Garcia, Francis Vallo, Emil Chino, Kim Vallo, Leland Robert Vallo, Elena Lockwood, Brenda L. (Cerno) Garcia, Robert Patricio, Michael Patricio, Jr., Theresa R. Garcia-Salvador, Paula Estevan , Gwen Patricio, Sandra Victorino, Emma Lewis, Terrance Chino, Carmel Lewis Haskaya, Adrian Vallo and Dylene Victorino.

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Highest Quality  ~  First Place Winner
2013 Santa Fe Indian Market

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Frederica Antonio has been an active potter since 1986 working with traditional polychrome and black-on white fine line pots, bowls and jars. She is the wife of Randy Antonio (with whom she sometimes collaborates), cousin of Melissa Antonio, and daughter-in-law of Mildred Antonio who was also her teacher.

Frederica has won several first place awards at varied venues including the New Mexico State Fair and the Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial. Her work is included in "Pueblo & Navajo Contemporary Pottery" by Berger and Schiffer; "Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies" by Gregory Schaaf; and "Southwest Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni" by Hayes & Blom.

At right, above, is an exquisite monochrome, very thin walls, perfect shape and excellent execution of graphics - a graceful swirling vase that measures 5 inches tall by 5.25 inches wide. Your price $1,060 ~ Item #A414. Please click here to see an enlargement. Includes Shipping!

Frederica's work is truly outstanding and she is at the very top of the Acoma eye dazzler, fine line motif artists. This pot is not that large but we chose it for excellence of design execution, shape and very thin walls. Frederica and Melissa's work have become the standard by which other eye dazzler pots can be measured. Frederica's work has grown appreciatively in value and demand over the last four years.

This superb thin walled polychrome pot measures 6.75 inches tall by 5 inches wide with perfect shape and execution - highest quality work. Your cost $1,395 ~ Item #415. Click here to see an enlargement.  Includes Shipping!

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Sandra Victorino, an impressive 9.25x8.5 inchesCopyright Paul J. Luise
Sandra M. Victorino is one of today's most highly collected potters along with her aunt and teacher, the famous Dorothy Torivio. She has won awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show, Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial, New Mexico State Fair and many other events. Her work is in the Heard Museum Collections as well as the private collections of John Blom and that of Dr. Gregory & Angie Yan Schaaf. Sandra has been doing her traditional pottery for over 20 years and enjoys it very much. She has lived at Sky City, Acoma Pueblo, all her life.

At right, top, is a beautiful polychrome spiraling from bottom to top.. An inspired, unique beauty measuring 9.25 x 8.5 inches tall and a star in any collection. Your price $1,495 ~ Item #A485. Click here to see an enlargement.  Includes Shipping!

At left, is a very classy vase polychrome of finest detail by Sandra. It measures 4.5 inches tall by 4.25 inches wide. Your price $295 ~ Item #A450. Click here for an enlargement.   Includes Shipping!

Sandra states in her biography: "The way I learned was watching my grandmother (Lita L. Garcia) making her pottery. So I thought I would try. Pottery making was handed down from generation to generation. When I work with my pottery clay, it is something special to me. I can create new shapes of pottery and I imagine what designs I will use. It brings great pride to me and my family to see my artwork in galleries and in people's homes."        "Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies" by Gregory Schaaf


At right, is a beautiful flat seedpot with snowflake design measuring 1 inch tall by 4 inches wide. A beautiful monochrome pot. The snowflake motif on it is outstanding, crisp and solid. Your price $175 ~ Item #A468.  Includes Shipping!  SOLD


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