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Terrance M. Chino, Sr.

Terrance M. Chino, Sr. is of the Acoma Pueblo, Sun Clan. He has been an active potter since 1980 working in traditional polychrome jars, bowls, seedpots and vases. He is the son of Ivan and Evelyn Chino, and brother of Emil Chino, Iona Chino, Colleen Manano, Jeffrey Chino, Jr., Marlene Vallo, and Jolene Marian. He was taught by his grandmother and his mother, Evelyn Chino. His work is extremely fine with great, thin walls that resonate beautifully. The pot at left is flawless with snowflake design and fineline starburst. It measures 8 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide. Your cost $925 ~ Item #A269. Click here to see an enlargement.   Includes Shipping! SOLD

(This piece had been marked down to $725 as part of a sale years ago. The actual retail price is $925 now marked down to $462.50 at 50% off)

Terrance is included in "Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies" by Gregory Schaaf and "Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery" by Rick Dillingham. He makes very fine pottery with thin walls and and first rate brush work plus his designs are very innovative utilizing both traditional and ones of his own creation. His work is eagerly collected by those who demand great shapes, brushwork, colors and design.

.Myra Lukee

At right is a fine polychrome slip cast pot by Myra Lukee measuring 4 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide. Item #A454 ~ Your price $120. SOLD

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Myra Lukee was born in 1959 and is of Zuni and Acoma Pueblo heritage. She currently makes her home at Acoma Pueblo. She began painting pottery when she was 22 years old in part using painting techniques taught to her by her mother, Juanita Lukee and her sister-in-law, Terry Lukee. Myra’s initial work utilized Mimbres designs but over time she developed her own vision and techniques creating unique “eye- dazzler” designs and patterns that have become very popular particularly for those interested in creating homes that include the beautiful designs of the pueblo artists.

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Acoma Pueblo pottery by Kim ValloKim Vallo is a member of the Acoma Pueblo Red Corn and Small Oak Clans. She grew up in Grants, N.M. This pot is hand coiled and hand painted. Kim's work is increasing in popularity and value with every year as her gifts for design and fineline detail grow.

Creating pottery brings calm and perspective into her life which she hopes will be passed on to those who own her work. She is a lovely person who tries to bring good cheer to all those around her. Her pottery reflects that good spirit. This pot measures 5 inches tall by 5 inches wide featuring thin walls and starburst design. Item #A278 ~ Your price $220. NOW TAKE 50% OFF LISTED PRICE - only $110!

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Erin Juanico


This slip cast, polychrome pot by Erin Juanico measures 5.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide. Mouth of pot is not perfectly round so significantly lower in price ~ 50% off. Still a great piece for a shelf but not the best for a table display. Your price $120 ~ Item #A457 SOLD


Erin Juanico of Acoma Pueblo is the daughter of Myra Lukee from whom she learned her basic painting techniques and designs.

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