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Native American Slip Cast Ceramics

Our Southwest Decor Collection of pottery is created by Native American artists of the Southwest pueblo tribes in New Mexico. It is formed using the slip cast method of pouring liquid clay into molds rather than the traditional hand coiling technique which utilizes hand dug native clay and slips. Every slip cast piece is handcrafted with paints or etching by Pueblo Indian potters and each signed by the artist. Because slip cast pottery is considerably less labor intensive than hand coiled pieces, it is offered at near half the price a collector of authentic Native American art would pay. The fine quality art work and lower prices make these pieces ideal for use as decor in homes wherever the unique beauty of Southwest art would be appreciated from the West coast to New England.

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Melissa Antonio is of the Acoma Pueblo Red Corn and Sun Clans and has been an active potter since the 1980s working with traditional and slip cast polychrome jars, bowls and vases. Her teachers were Lilie Concho and Mildred Antonio, her mother-in-law.

The incredibly impressive, slip cast pot at right measures 10.5 inches tall by 10.5 inches wide. Amazing symmetry and hand painted - a truly awesome example of the quality she is capable off creating. If this pot was hand coiled and made in the traditional way it would cost approximately $2,000. Your price $795 ~ Item #A467. Please click here to see an enlargement. SALE PRICE $475

The slip cast pot at left measures 6.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide ~ perfect graphic execution. Your price $195 ~ Item #A466. SALE PRICE $120

Melissa has won a number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market, the New Mexico State Fair, the Eight Northern Pueblos Arts & Crafts Show, and the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. She is very well known for her creative, perfectly executed graphics. Her traditional, hand coiled pottery is widely collected and included in many known collections. By using slip cast pottery, Melissa's beautiful graphic designs and flawless technique are considerably more accessible for those not committed to collecting traditionally made authentic Native American art.

Melissa's work and achievements are included in Dr. Gregory Schaaf’s book “Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2000 Artist Biographies”; Berger and Schiffer’s “Pueblo & Navajo Contemporary Pottery”; and Rich Dillingham’s “Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery”.

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Manuel Martinez is of the Navajo Nation (Dine) heritage. Not unlike Navajo potter Wesley Begaye, Manuel learned the techniques of the Acoma Pueblo potters while living at Acoma. His partner, Terry Chino, mentored him and today he lives at Acoma where he produces floral designs utilizing the pueblo’s traditional graphics.

At right is a classic Manuel Martinez slip cast, polychrome pot  measuring 7.25 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide. His work displays beautifully and can add that touch of red that brings everything together. Your price $240 ~ Item #A456. SALE PRICE $145



The seed pot at left measure 1.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide and displays beautifully.Your price $120 ~ Item #459. SALE PRICE $70



The slip cast wedding vase at right displays Manuel's signature design with great brush work and looks great in any room that needs some dazzle. It measures 9.5 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Your price $150 ~ Item #868. SOLD

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Colleen Mariano of Acoma Pueblo is a superb artist with a brush and demonstrates it with every slip cast vessel she uses as her canvass.She is very well known for her work but chooses to keep her life private. This very fine weave pattern, slip cast seedpot measures 3.5 inches in height and 6.5 inches wide. Very fine work.Your price $180 ~ Item #A460 SALE PRICE $110


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